by The A-Team

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No reverence for most people that I meet Unaware, mindless sheep For all the zombies walkin' around in the city For all the people who wallow in self pity None for the cops and the career politicians Who abuse their power and position None for the preachers and the pushers of faith Two-faced talkers who sow the seeds of hate WE HATE... WE HATE YOU! No reverence for the old guard Sun has set, but they try so hard One more tour, gotta make it last Getting fat off the laurels of the past No reverence for social validation None for the people needing constant affirmation None for the masses tricked and duped into What to believe, who to trust, what to consume Such a sick joke To where we've come Turn it off, become numb Build up the walls to block out the sound SEAL IT OFF! Along in a place where I can't be found FADE OUT! It's getting to the point where I feel like I'm the last of my kind Watch me lose my fucking mind NO REVERENCE! YOU'RE ALL THE SAME!
CASK 01:11
Not who you think I am Not who I seem Illusion of reality Familiar face In an unfamiliar place Soft yellow flicker on the catacomb walls Stone by stone Row by row Sinking in... SINK IN! Waited so long Bided my time Revenge is mine Can't move your hands or shake my gaze You still don't understand The light gets fainter and you fate becomes clearer But my reasons and motive is mine to hold IN PACE REQUIESCAT
I'm stuck behind a car moving at a turtle's pace Can't see a driver's head above the seat, it's drifting all over the place Pass the car on my left and I take a look to my right You've got a thousand-yard stare, mouth agape, and fully glazed over eyes Fade the fuck right out / Get off the streets Give up the keys / Control your Pep Pep Old man, take a look at my fucking life and see I'm not a thing like you Turn in the plates, pump the brakes You're a danger and a threat to our society Liver spotted prune and a fatal liability The fog of age has crept into your mind and it won't fucking stop Hearing aids, cataracts, all of your reflexes are completely shot Fade the fuck right out of my life / Get off the streets Give up the keys / Control your Pep Pep Twilight of your life is here, you've had a good run, what's fucking left to do? Turn in the plates, pump the brakes



released December 22, 2018

Recorded October 19-21, 2018 by
Alex Garcia-Rivera at Mystic Valley Studios

Mastered by Brad Boatwright at Audiosiege

Layout and lettering by Sick-O



all rights reserved



The A-Team Boston, Massachusetts

The A-Team was and always will be:

Jon, Jim, Brian, and Q

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